The Story of Sasha: Making a Stock Dog

story of sasha

Chapter One The Nature of Natural’s Stockmanship project main objective is to promote the use of the principles set forth by Bud Williams and commonly known as Low Stress Stockmanship. The Nature of Natural promotes the ethical application of Applied Behavioral Science and we feel that Bud’s principles are very much in line with that…

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Ginny’s Blogs

A dark brown horse standing on a field

Not Mr. ED but continuing Ed Here at the Nature of Natural we’re big believers in the principles of applied behavioral science and use systematic training protocols for all creatures large and small including humans. By training and schooling in systematics steps that are in sync with the horse’s innate tendencies such as balance, we…

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Amazing Nature

black and white

When I first wrote “The Nature of Natural” in 2004 I was trying to connect all of the proven methods of training horses with principles that are found in Nature, thus the name “The Nature of Natural”. At that time and to this day, I have been an advocate and student of Tom Dorrance and Ray…

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Our Story

tim and giny

In the Beginning: In 2004 I wrote the original Nature of Natural document and chose the name Nature of Natural with the idea of what actually occurred in nature. That being how minds work, how they learn, and what adaptive qualities were involved in the behavior of horses. At the time, the movement known as…

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