"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better"

-Albert Einstein


Our Mission

The mission of the Nature of Natural is to promote the welfare, ethical treatment and compassionate training of horses and livestock through the principles of applied behavioral science and equitation science.

About Us

Our beliefs

The Nature of Natural is based on the idea that through science and knowledge we can foster a better understanding and alliance between humans and animals.  By understanding a horse’s nature based on ethology we can lessen anxiety in horses when they are being trained and managed and mitigate frustration in riders and trainers.

The Nature of Natural embrace the principles of how horses interact and survive in their natural world to create a bridge to efficient, safe and compassionate horsemanship that translates into everyday training solutions. We are advocates and support the relatively new field of equitation science which is an objective approach to understanding and training horses based on their nature.

The Nature of Natural explores the Laws of Nature and how they shaped the survival and nature of the horse. We believe this is vital knowledge to encourage ethical horsemanship and holds many answers to successful and effective horse training.

The Nature of Natural is committed to encourage conversation and discussion among all horsemen and horse lovers to inspire and encourage the thoughts and actions of current and future generations of horseman.... for the good of the horse.


We came to a conclusion in 2004 when Tim wrote the Nature of Natural that in order to help horses and livestock, we needed to dispel some longstanding ideas of traditional horsemanship and stockmanship that do not serve the best interest of the animals or their human caretakers utilizing science based critical thinking. We believe compassionate training should be based in known facts and science as opposed to speculation, myth and opinion. We believe that education is the path to improving the quality of life and training of all animals.


The field of equitation science and applied behavioral science gives us insight into a horse’s nature and reality.  It supports the methods of great horsemen over the centuries, unmasks the mystery and puts a solid foundation under the rationale.  Stockmanship using the principles of Bud Williams low-stress methods brings the same type of applied behavioral science to handling livestock.

We are members of the International Society of Equitation Science and have presented at the Progressive Equine Behavior and Training forum for two years.


The Nature of Natural hosts educational events at our beautiful ranch located in Cortez, Colorado. We bring in experts in their fields that support our mission statement and host free educational support to the equestrian community at large.


Ginny Chase Elder

Ginny Chase Elder

As a lifelong student of classical riding, Ginny Chase Elder has studied with some of the best horsemen of our time, such as Charles de Kunffy, Arthur Kottas and Dr. Gerd Heuschmann.

Tim McGaffic

Tim McGaffic

Tim McGaffic has studied with many of the great legends of western training.

Our Goal

To promote the principles of equitation science and applied behavioral science in association with groups such as the International Society of Equitation Science and other likeminded horsemen and professionals through research, seminars and educational events using collaborative efforts whenever and wherever possible.