Critical Thinking Horsemanship And Stockmanship Projects

Whit Hibbard and the Stockmanship Project

Stock Dog Project with Tim McGaffic and Steve Allen

Classical Riding and Applied Behavioral Science Project with Ginny Chase Elder


Ginny is currently working on a long-term project that overlays applied behavioral science and Classical horsemanship.  She is researching how applied behavioral science relates to classical methodology and how principles that have stood the test of time are as current now as in the golden days of the great masters.

"Great horsemanship combines both art and science. Science removes subjectivity but the genius lies in the art." GCE



  • We organize and produce a wide range of events based on the Natural of Natural belief in applied behavioral science, the related field of equitation science and Stockmanship based on the principles of Bud William.
  • Under the umbrella of Learning Theory, we explore the way horses learn, equine and rider biomechanics and how applied behavioral science can successfully be use with more traditional methods to enhance all disciplines.

Speaking Engagements

We are available for public speaking engagements for nonprofits, clubs, events association meetings and fund-raising activities.


Low-Stress Stockmanship and Ranch Management Consulting

  •  Tim McGaffic is a certified holistic educator who specializes in commodity logistics
  • Tim’s hands on experience in ranch management and property development brings real life knowledge and business savvy to any operation, current or still on the drawing board.
  • Tim is well-known for his logistical expertise and problem-solving skills and has a keen 3D perspective of sustainability balanced in the real world of business.


We are available to consult with individuals, ranches and horse businesses. We can help by analyzing and identifying training, behavior, riding and management issues and offer innovative problem-solving solutions.