Heartbeats and Hoofprints Introduction
This is the first clip of our video Heartbeats and Hoofprints. It was produced and edited by Elaine Klugman. It introduces Senor and Tim McGaffic and our journey to help Senor learn to trust people again. The video talks about using Heart Rate and the Principles of Learning Theory to guide training.

Hay... All A Horse Really Wants To Know
Tim talks about the flight and fight response in a short interview that offers a candid glimpse into the nature of horses. Brief poster presentation on instincts, and different types of learning used in training horses.

Exactly What Is A Heart Rate Monitor? 
This is a short clip about heart rate monitors and how we use them to guide training.

Tim and Senor Get Cozy
Do you have an emotional problem or a training problem? Always fix the emotional problem first.  Tim and Ginny talk about using HR monitor as an indicator of stress, pain or anticipation.

Tim and Senor... Together Again
Tim and Senor reunite over a year later. Horses don't lie and neither do their hearts. This segment discusses our work with Senor using the Heart Rate Monitor and positive reinforcement.

Elaine's Testimonial: Senor and His Challenges
This short video is from Senor's owner Elaine. She tells us a little bit about his background and the challenges she faced with Senor before meeting Tim and Ginny. Elaine tells us about the transoformation in Senor with Tim's help and training. This video describes Senor and is a great lead into our next video Heartbeats and Emotionality.

Senor at Southpoint
Here is a short clip of Elaine riding Senor our first day at the Southpoint Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. What a change in Senor from when Tim and I first met him! He looks like he's having a good time there in Vegas! Good job Tim and Elaine!