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Horses & Heartbeats

The Nature of Natural is based on the idea that through science and knowledge we can experience a better understanding and alliance between humans and horses.  The lack of insight into a horse’s nature can be a great cause of anxiety in horses when they are being trained, as well as a source of frustration for riders and trainers.


The Nature of Natural embrace the principles of how horses interact and survive in their natural world to create a bridge to efficient, safe and compassionate horsemanship that translates into everyday training solutions. We are advocates and support the relatively new field of equitation science which is an objective approach to understanding and training horses based on their nature.


The Nature of Natural explores the Laws of Nature and how they shaped the survival and nature of the horse. We believe this is vital knowledge to encourage ethical horsemanship and  holds many answers to successful and effective horse training.


 The Nature of Natural  is committed to encourage conversation and discussion among all horsemen and horse lovers. We hope it inspires the thoughts and actions of current and future generations of horseman.... for the good of the horse.