"Exploring the nature of horses

and the natural world we share"


 Discover the buried treasure of horsemanship…it’s been waiting for you.


Harmony. Communion. Feel. The moment when science ascends to art. We want it for ourselves, and we want it for our horses.


Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt and other great horsemen, including the classical riding masters, promise it to us as possibility. We hold their results in awe and strive to emulate their methods. We hope to achieve that quiet, perfect relationship they have with horses. Yet for many the skills lack meaning and the art remains elusive, and feel is so tough to… well… feel.


The missing piece? Great horsemen understand the horse’s nature. And they respect it deeply.


Now there is science that explains the horse’s nature, equitation science that makes sense of the methods of great horsemen, unmasks the mystery and puts a solid foundation under their rationale. Here at The Nature of the Natural, we bring that science to you. You can master it. In fact, you should. Because your horse’s welfare depends on your understanding the truths that rule his nature.


Come with us as we explore the science of equus cabalus.  Discover how the horse’s nature allows him to learn, how it drives his heart and shapes his teachable spirit. You think you know all that? What we share might surprise you. We are certain it will improve your relationship with your friend and partner, the horse. After all, you ask him for his best effort.  Doesn’t he deserve yours?


Ready to start? Click on "Amazing Nature"   for new insights into learning theory, and how correct understanding of it can improve the quality of life for our horses. Want more? Be sure to watch our video "Heartbeats and Hoofprints" A heart rate monitor gives astonishing feedback on what a horse’s heartbeat reveals about his understanding, comfort level, and emotional response.

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Happy Trails,

 Tim and Ginny