Ginny's Blog - December 18, 2013


What is the motivation to write a blog…. for me it’s the lifelong pursuit of helping horses and perhaps to ease their way in this life… if just a little.  I hit the deck feeling this way about animals and will “shuffle off this mortal coil” the same.  I am an advocate for all animals but particularly for horses as they,  for the most part helpless in the circumstances they find themselves in.

My buddy Tim McGaffic, and I have been giving some great clinics based on his body of work called “The Nature of Natural”…nope …it’s not another boring bout of natural horsemanship but what we advance as “critical thinking horsemanship” and an empirical embrace of the amazing nature of horses.   Tim and I enjoy critical thinking and applying it to the world of horses and riders.  These days there is an avalanche of information but it all comes back to the nature of the horse which hasn’t changed.  What has changed is our ability to scientific explain and refine what previously was known only through observation and anecdote.   Ah the stuff myths are made of!

For example the phrase “classical principles” is referred to a lot and yet there is no one source where they are definitely listed…one two three four.  And no the training tree is not a holy grail of classical principles but a suggested progression of sensible training.   One of my Don Quixote mission is to track down and very simply list the top ten principles of classical riding.  Tim assures me this is simple if I follow the trail of the laws of nature. What do you think?

In my life of a riding instructor there are always various challenges of teaching.  What I have found is the horses are the easy part of the equation…the humans are bit more tricky! Through the medium of this blog I will share some of the more interesting conversations, questions and dilemmas that arise on a practical and a philosophical level.  If anyone has particular questions please feel free to send me an email and we will start a dialogue on the topic at hand.