Education and Services

Education and Services



Educational presentations and clinics  

  * We offer a wide range of topics   based on the Nature of Natural  and equitation science customized  to address  your specific areas of interest.  Under the umbrella of Learning Theory we explore the way horses learn, equine and rider bio mechanics,  and how evidence- based science  can be successfully combined to enhance all disciplines.  


Heart rate and emotionality demonstrations

* We demonstrate the value of using a Heart Rate monitor as a innovative tool in riding and management to assess and guide humane training.

 Heart Rate can offer an enlightening glimpse into your horse's view of the moment, and once you witness the results  you'll never look at your horse in the same way again.


Public speaking engagements

* Our public speaking engagements are popular for clubs events, association meetings, and fund- raising activities.  


Confidential client / rider consultations:

* We provide personalized training programs and consulting for those who require discretion and confidentiality in their training operations.  We can help in analyzing and identifying training, behavior, riding and management issues  and offer innovative problem solving solutions.


Our training, clinics and lessons  employ technologies such as heart rate monitors, video and GPS.

As advanced versions of these technologies  continue to be developed we will stay abreast  so that we can generate accurate, real-time data using state of the art  for our clients.  At the same time we  incorporate knowledge from  our past projects  and  actively seek a variety of  projects to tackle. 


Our curriculum is  especially interesting and challenging from an intellectual perspective.  Many of you will be familiar or maybe downright handy with the techniques; however, how and when we apply them may be different than you're accustomed. Please come and join us to discover what exciting world of the Nature of Natural and equitation science can offer you and your horses.


We look forward to meeting and connecting with horse owners across the country.  


Please contact Ginny at or Tim  at  for detailed information on hosting a Nature of Natural clinic, Heart Rate demonstration or speaking engagements, or to schedule a consultation.

 In addition to teaching, training,  and Heart Rate projects,  be sure to get in touch with Tim  about his ranch management consulting, business evaluations and program analysis.   Tim's hands- on experience in ranch management and property development bring real life knowledge and business savvy to any operation, current or on the drawing board.  He is known for his logistical management and problem- solving skills and has a keen 3D perspective of sustainability balanced in reality of business.