Tim's Bio

Come join Tim in exploring the nature of our equine friends and the world we share.

Tim McGaffic has studied with many of the great legends and to this day remains a student looking for greater knowledge and deeper understanding of horses.   Tim was first introduced to natural horsemanship when there wasn't even a name for what Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and others were doing.  They were just good horseman trying to see things from the horses point of view.  They got good results with less coercion that the traditional methods of the time.  Little did they know they were using “learning theory” and essentially thought like animal behaviorists.

Tim McGaffic is a truly remarkable horseman with a lot to share with all equestrians, regardless of their level of expertise. Recently, he’s done some research using heart monitors that will astonish you. Tim has a kind and gentle way about him that all animals seem to sense and respond to. He is well known for low stress cattle management, his work with wild mustangs and horsemanship clinics. Tim is a Practitioner’s member with the International Society of Equitation Science.

In addition, Tim has a proven track record of practical experience in sustainable ranch and resource management with expertise in trouble shooting, logistics and solutions.

Tim’s work is based on what he calls “The Nature of Natural”, a philosophy of learning behavior training based essentially on the laws of nature as we currently understand them.  Many of the techniques you will already know, but how to use them, when to use them and why use them, may be new to you.  We hope to see you at a Nature of Natural event where he will share some of his adventures and knowledge.

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